Plant a tree in Arkansas!

Vote for Arkansas

Vote for Arkansas

You can vote for Arkansas to receive trees donated by Odwalla’s Plant a Tree program!  Simply log onto the Plant-A-Tree Web site and enter your email address. You can only vote once, so please encourage your friends and family to take part in this event. You can even link it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

1 vote = $1 for trees. Odwalla is donating a total of  $200,000 towards the purchase of trees for America’s State Parks.  This is a great opportunity to help the environment as well as your local community so take a minute or two of your time today and vote for Arkansas. Below is a reminder of just what trees mean to Arkansas State Parks!

We don’t have a code in our park guide so we are only able to vote once per person. Now just Vote for Arkansas! Thanks!

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